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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London

Football Foundation - Build the Game

    • Type: Capital
    • £ Available: £20000
    • Focus: It replaces the former Facilities Grant up to 20,000 Scheme with one that will deliver genuine football development outcomes via a simpler and much quicker application process.

    The Build the Game Scheme provides small grants for small facility projects in England.

    Who is eligible? Not-for-profit organisations including Football Clubs; Youth Clubs with a football programme; Charitable Organisations; local authorities; and educational establishments. How much can you bid for? The maximum grant available is £20,000

    Contact: Contact: The Football Foundation Whittington House 19-30 Alfred Place London WC1E 7EA Tel: 0845 345 4555 (Ext 4276) Fax: 0845 345 7057. E-mail:

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    GRANTnet, is a straightforward free to use service from GRANTfinder, which can help users identify suitable funding for their activity or project.


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