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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London

English Lacrosse Minor Grants

    • Type: Revenue and Capital
    • £ Available: £5000
    • Focus: Lacrosse

    Up to 5000 is available to accredited clubs, SSPs, Universities, CSPANs, or community organisations to support the following priorities: Increase in adult participation (Aged 16+) Increase the amount of new clubs or club sections Increase in the amount of trained coaches, officials and volunteers Increase in the amount of junior participation (under 16)

    Eligible Expenditure

    Examples of eligible expenditure include:

    Training for volunteer coaches and officials.


    Salary costs of professional staff.

    Paid coaching time.


  • GRANTnet via the LDA Website

    GRANTnet, is a straightforward free to use service from GRANTfinder, which can help users identify suitable funding for their activity or project.


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