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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London

‘Back to Netball’

    • Lead Organisation: Wirral Council
    • Contact Email:
    • Contact Phone: 0151 637 6160
    • Project Focus: Increasing Participation
    • Focus Group: Women and Girls
    • Setting: Community

    Below is a project detailed that was a pilot study in the local authority of Wirral. Target Group: Woman - currently inactive not played competitive/team sport since school. Outline of project: In January 2006 a session started at a local leisure centre for woman who had not played netball/competitive sport for a while. Sunday evenings 8pm-9m coaching session with qualified coach. The session was advertised through local newspaper, posters within 6 leisure centres in borough and passed out through various communication networks. Through negotiations the session was incorporated as one of the leisure centre activities. Each woman attending paid an entrance fee and the centre covered the cost of a coach. This agreed for 6 weeks and attendance figures would be monitored. Due to excellent response this is still running a year later. Need: A lot of woman have a love of netball at school but once they leave it becomes harder for them to continue especially due to work and family commitments. As it is a team sport it is a difficult activity to re-engage in, especially if you are concerned of your physical ability and generally lacking confidence. Benefit: This session enabled woman to gradually ease them selves back into the game and the culture of sport. The session offered coaching of basic skills, fitness development and some competitive play. It raised there self esteem and the enjoyment of netball and physical activity was brought back. This also gave them the ‘Bridging Gap’ and support they needed and now all of those attending are playing competitively at least once a week in local leagues, either through newly established teams or feeding into established ones for those of a better standard of play. It also enabled established local teams who were struggling for players to access keen individuals to strengthen their team. Costs: New equipment (bibs and balls, £300) Risks: - Poor attendance - Poor coaching/delivery preventing them from continuing - Lack of exit routes/competitive play Performance Management KPI’s: - Attendance been constant throughout the year with an average of 24-26 at each session. - 1% drop off - 62 woman in total now participating in netball through this programme - 4 new teams established - 3 of the 4 new teams also set up extra training session (therefore through 2 training sessions and matches they are now reaching 3 x 30 minutes of activity each week) - 16 woman joined local gym within leisure centre - 5 attended umpiring course - Leadership skills developed through organising teams - 2 coaches mentored by coach to support teams at other sessions - 15 woman enroled for Race for Life this year - A lot of them following healthy eating regimes Sustainability: Due to the format of the activity being through the leisure centre this activity will sustain as long as there is a need for it. Leisure centre making more profit than they would have had hiring out hall space. After the success of this pilot, it would be beneficial to roll out this project across the north west. Suggestions for development: Roll out a similar programmes in all authorities within the north west. Setting proposal to local SPAA’s to get their support. Potential Costs: Equipment for each session Development officer to co-ordinate programme including promotion, support, appointment of coaches, liaise with leisure centres and monitoring- fixed 2 year post. Coach education budget to further qualifications of those woman within programme who would like to pursue coaching/officiating.

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